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Style has a cost, and this one costs more money than you make in a year. It’s impractical on any form of battlefield unless said battle takes place at an upscale wine tasting event in Italy. But, you’re a stud and you know it... don’t let bullets slow your roll.

Find Tournaments

Game up. Find upcoming online or LAN tourneys within seconds of opening the mobile app.

Offer Your Service

You can list your skills as a service. Streaming, reffing, graphics, editing, commentating, recruiting, coaching, and general networking.

Bracket Features

Custom, automated bracket software. Seamlessly join a tournament bracket as an individual or as a team. The bracket features score reporting with screenshots.

Find Sponsors

Connect with established small businesses who are willing to advertise and sponsor!

Boost Features

Compete in tournaments for our in-app currency, Boost. You can use Boost to enter events, purchase goods, or cash out whenever.

Create and Host Events

Use your mobile device to create a tournament in under a minute! Link your site or stream, add images, and connect with a gaming audience.

Build Connections

Our friends list lets you chat and find new players to compete against. If you're a host or service provider, keep track of customers to help grow your following.

Group Chat

Message your friends (or foes) in-app. Discuss upcoming events, ask questions, find teammates, or talk some smack.

Create Teams

Find other compatible gamers to create a team. Or if you already have a team, you and teammates can enter events under a team name

Small Business Features

Small businesses can sell their product or service. Offer exclusive deals to get featured and reach a larger audience.

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