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Gizer is a real-time platform providing Gamers, Hosts, and Services opportunity.

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  • Create and Host Events

    Use your mobile device to create a tournament in under a minute! Link your site or stream, add images, and connect with a gaming audience.

  • Build Connections

    Our friends list lets you chat and find new players to compete against. If you're a host or service provider, keep track of customers to help grow your following.

  • Group Chat

    Message your friends (or foes) in-app. Discuss upcoming events, ask questions, find teammates, or talk some smack.

  • Create Teams

    Find other compatible gamers to create a team. Or if you already have a team, you and teammates can enter events under a team name.

  • Small Business Features

    Small businesses can sell their product or service. Offer exclusive deals to get featured and reach a larger audience.

  • Find Tournaments

    Game up. Find upcoming online or LAN tourneys within seconds of opening the mobile app.

  • Offer Your Service

    You can list your skills as a service. Streaming, reffing, graphics, editing, commentating, recruiting, coaching, and general networking.

  • Bracket Features

    Custom, automated bracket software. Seamlessly join a tournament bracket as an individual or as a team. The bracket features score reporting with screenshots.

  • Find Sponsors

    Connect with established small businesses who are willing to advertise and sponsor!

  • Boost Features

    Compete in tournaments for our in-app currency, Boost. You can use Boost to enter events, purchase goods, or cash out whenever.

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